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At Greenline, feed safety is a priority to each and every one of us. We have excellent control measures in place which include the sourcing of our ingredients to the consistency or our end products. We do not use any prohibited materials (e.g. animal parts) in our operation eliminating the risk for cross contamination.

At Greenline, we aim to maximize the efficiency of nutrient utilization by species of animals while formulating diets to maintain animal health.  We work alongside experts in animal health and nutrition to formulate and pelletize the best diet plan for your heard or flock. Our dietitians select diets high in digestible organic matter, protein, energy, fiber, vitamins, premixes and minerals to balance entire feed for your heard or flock. By evaluating the energy requirements to obtain each producer’s desired results, we closely calculate the energy, nutrient and macro requirements for each situation.

Greenline exists to form relationships with farmers, ranchers and other producers through analytical based animal feed formulations and feed manufacturing technologies. We aim to build one-on-one relationships with our clients and offer direct and specialized feed solutions customized for your specific needs.  From feeds for horses, swine, beef cattle, dairy cows, poultry, sheep and goat, and other animals, Greenline feed pellets are formulated for a range of forage and health requirements, by life stage or performance stage of the specie. We offer bulk and bag feeds, supplements, blocks and minerals, premixes, organic feeds, ration balancing, as well as many specialty feeds.